The 2024 US election cycle is projected to shatter prior records, with estimates of total political ad spend exceeding $10 billion1. Digital advertising will play a pivotal role in how political candidates and parties reach voters to drive fundraising, engagement, and election-day turnout.

Leverage Advanced Political Audience Targeting with The Collective Data Solutions

The Collective Data Solutions provides media buyers and sellers with a marketplace of politically tailored audience segments that can be activated with preferred media partners across mobile, social, programmatic, connected TV, and other marketing channels.

Tap Into 100M+ US Households

Dynamically segment audiences based on:

  • Political Affiliation
  • Geographic Region
  • Demographics
  • And other attributes

Always Privacy First

Privacy comes first. That’s why The Collective Data Solutions complies with all user data privacy and consent regulations. All data sources are thoroughly vetted for data integrity and must pass appropriate privacy strings and consent signals.

Key Benefits for Media Buyers and Sellers

Media Buyers

Take audience targeting into your own hands. Unlock additional scale and performance potential with higher quality audiences from the start.

Media Sellers

Bundle-in higher quality target audiences to charge higher CPM rates and optimize campaigns for maximum yield.

Tired of low-quality audience
segments that don’t deliver?

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